ESL Online: Google and Yahoo

ESL Online:  Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk

This is an original transcript of what happens in an online conversation class:

“Hello, can you hear me?”

“Hello, hello!”

“Hello, Koji!”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Koji san…”

“Hello Rose san!”

“Koji, can you hear me now?”

“Okay, I can hear you  now.”

“Thank God, it’s working!  We can start.”

A  good computer is necessary featuring — windows , linux…etc???? Yahoo Messenger (YM) and Google Talk.  Some use Skype connections,  etc.

Aside from your computer, meeting online will need the following gadgets/programs:

  1. headphones (earphone/mike)
  2. a web camera ( as required in some lessons)
  3. a speaker,  you can choose this option
  4. a dictionary/ installed program in your computer
  5. you should have You Tube in your PC
  6. an internet connection/server

The headphones are the standard headphones suitable for any computer, whether it’s a laptop, notebook, or desktop.

The web camera (webcam) is required in some lessons.  It’s just like an ordinary class.  Be sure when you are getting online, you have to dress appropriately (teachers and students) like meeting people face to face.  Females can put a tinge of powder and lipstick because foreign students are focusing on the mouth and its movements.  An appreciable teacher’s personality requires good grooming.  Who would want someone scary in the class?

You can use a speaker as an option for louder sound.

Learn how to use a dictionary online.  Like using the Wikipedia, a translation, or install a Word Web software.

You Tube is useful.  Teachers and students can watch together online (around 5 minutes), during the class to create variation and a new angle of discussion, especially when talking about arts, music, and film among others.

A good internet connection or server is required.  Sometimes net is slow, this happens. So try at least, to get a good server.

Before going to the class, be sure to check your reading materials ahead of time, have a pen and paper ready to take down notes, and don’t be late.  If there will be absences, a make-up class can be conducted at least twice a week.

It is just like enrolling in a Language Center and / or regular language school ( take note of the advantages and disadvantages); it will depend on  the / your need.

Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk

Classes online couldn’t be conducted if you don’t install a Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk in your PC.

Secure a Yahoo email and a G-mail for your internet address.  Use this emails to get YM and Google Talk.  Invite your friends online.  Voice-to-voice calls are cheaper and faster.

Thank God for modern technology and the internet!

Meet with you online,

Teacher Rose




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