Humor Gone Awry: Phrases for Parting Friends

Humor Gone Awry:  Funny Phrases for Parting Friends

Parting  involves sad, sad stories; yet sometimes saying goodbye comes to be funny after you’ve realized you over-reacted.

  1. “Please don’t leave me.”  It ’s begging attention.  “Why are you a baby?
  1. “I will die without you.”  This is manipulation.
  1. “Friends forever.”  Are we tying a knot?  Of course, friends are forever.
  1. “You are my all.”  I couldn’t be your all.  Even spouses and families part for sometime.
  1. “You are my life.”  I’ve always said this, but in vain.  This is super funny!
  1. “I will send you a package and lots of letters.”  These can be just petty promises.  He/She will be very busy; how can one bother to spend  and write most of the time.
  1. “Be there when you’ll call.”  Nope.
  1. “I will be missing so much.”  You will only miss me for one day.

And more.

Of course parting is so, so sad.  But it’s a part of life.  One has to adjust to changing situations because nothing is permanent.

From things to the most favorite kiddie pillows, stuffed toys, and gift underwear we can’t just throw away remembrances.

Separation from things, especially from people require enough discipline and faith, that being one is not just  having each other physically, but forever in the heart.  Even death cannot rule the separation.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” was our graduation song way back in high school.  I remember I cried a lot singing this song during graduation day,  because this was the time I was bonded too much with my classmates and best of friends.  Some of them, I grew up with, even in grade school (time when we kicked, run, fought, ate, and grew up together without malice).  These were happy  times with friends.  And so parting came  difficult for some of us.

But then, as I look back, I come laughing seeing over an inverted telescope: everything clear and tiny, but faraway.  Laughing and thinking of them, give a missing episode of their cute faces.  When we learn, play, and grow up together, these are trophies we’re earning and winning.

A time to be together for some time and quite a time are precious times of  life.  No amount of money can buy togetherness. And no amount of money can separate genuine friendship.  Quality time in togetherness is better than time quantity.  Humor gone awry?   There is time for everything.

I will miss you.

Rose Flores – Martinez





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