The Most Important of All: Life

Some of us say that money or wealth is important because it can buy things more important than money. As a joke, this is funny, but seriously this is crap.
Working for our goals is a good sign of progress, yet we have to understand that all these are only next to the values we deem in our hearts.
See this example: A Car Accident Happened
Family member: Wow, you are home. Was the new car greatly damaged?
Accident victim: Hey, can’t you ask if I have been hurt?
Sometimes, we act like the character (family member) in the example. So appalling!
Currently, the world is facing many difficulties. Japan, without exception, faces tsunami and nuclear disasters losing lives, and billions of money.
Others comment, “Oh they’re rich, anyway.” Or say, “They have lost a lot of properties.”
But why can’t they just say the right thing? “They have lost lives.”
Life is not a piece of paper that we can edit, add or subtract, or experiment on. It is not just throwing anyone or leaving someone. It is staying together, and like marriage, for better or for worse.
Leaving, when all is okay deems nothing offensive, but leaving when it is not okay is deplorable. Who would help? Who would care to help when everyone leaves? In a war, only the children, the old people, and the sick are given priorities. Sometimes, students and the youth are also given way, and still others, as necessary. But those who work and could assume duties are deemed to fight their own battle. How it goes, it is destiny. How it goes, it is trust in God.
Though we couldn’t just judge because we aren’t there; we aren’t in one’s shoes. The choice is given freely to every man, and for all the others to give some hope and prayers.
In difficult situations, we don’t look at that very moment, how much properties and wealth were lost. We don’t have to focus on those counts. Those can be built again. Those can be earned again. We have to focus on each other. How each brother or sister faces the miserable situation, and how in little and big ways we could save and protect more lives.
Indeed, God drops good workers all around blocks, when the Japanese workers at the plant stay at work, to save more lives, when some OFW’s don’t leave and stay with community and friends, when many nations/peoples send more good workers to give help: these are the people who try to live with faith and devotion in their hearts. These are the people that deem real responsibilities to humanity.
Send O Lord, holy workers into Your Church. St. Hannibal, pray for us. Father of all, we trust in You.

rose flores martinez





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