A Prayer: Saint Anthony, pray for us.

A Prayer:  Saint Anthony  (on the 9th Day /Novena)

Archbishop of Lingayen – Dagupan, 15 August 1998

Msgr. Leon V. Bitanga, PA

08 September 1998

Feastday:  June 13

Great St, Anthony of Padua, sweet hope of all who implore You, I prostrate myself humbly at Your feet to obtain by your powerful intercession the greatest of all blessings, the grace of dying well.  Do not allow, I entreat You, by the pierced Heart of Jesus that I suddenly seized by death in the deplorable state of mortal sin; by your intercession obtain for me that at the last moment I may experience the most profound sorrow for the sins of my whole life, that I may be penetrated with love for Jesus, and full of confidence in the power of His Blood which was shed for me; that the last movements of my hands may be to carry the crucifix to my lips, and my last words the holy names of Jesus and Mary.  In short, that expiring in the embraces of my sweet Redeemer, I may have the happiness to see Him, to love Him and to possess him with You for all eternity.  Obtain this grace also for my parents, my friends, my benefactors and all who are dear to me in our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom, be honor and glory with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.


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