Surviving In The Siberian Wilderness For 70 Years: Agafia’s Story

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Some people’s lives take them to strange and isolated existences, to the very edges of extremes of challenge, hardship, endurance, great beauty and isolation. Here is an example of that…a family better known as the Russian Hermits. This is Agafia Lykov’s story…and this is her home. Living life in its rawness and I wonder…do we in our “civilised modernity” have room for the Agafia’s of this world?  Can we honour their beliefs and allow them to be- those who tread gently on our world? Because if we cannot be prepared to listen to their wisdom and honour their beliefs, whether we agree with all they say or not…I believe we are all the poorer for it. Stephanie

In 1936, a family of Russian Old Believers journeyed deep into Siberia’s vast taiga to escape persecution and protect their way of life. The Lykovs eventually settled in the Sayan Mountains, 160 miles from any other sign of civilization. In…

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