Unorganized Thoughts on Blog Friendships


When my first real reader commented on a post of mine, I decided blogging was going to be my new hobby.  Fueled by obsession dedication, I read nearly everything on the internet about how it works.

All the way up to that point, I didn’t know anything about blogs.  All I knew is that I wanted my hobby to stick.

I didn’t know that many of my favorite websites were really blogs.  I didn’t know that a few people make a living from it, and that millions others wanted to.  I also really had no idea about a lot of the questions that the articles were asking me– like what my niche was going to be, and how frequently I could commit to writing.  Those aspects of it didn’t bother me too much, since they focused on financial success, whereas I was seeking information on longevity.

As I’ve mentioned before…

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