December 9. Why Do I Hurt The People I Love

December 9.  On Success


You will notice how married couples live with each other, how siblings admonish each other, how a family grows together, how true friends stick with each other, how offices and workplaces thrive, and how communities attain its goals: They accept each other even in their ugliest.

This means acceptance, but never consenting. If someone gets wrong or mistaken – you don’t have to condemn, but help them improve in the process of metamorphoses.

From my experiences and those of others here are reasons why we hurt the people we love:

1. Reason in thought: I hurt you because I want you to change for the better.

“You have to stop drinking or I’ll leave you.”

Some guys are threatened with words like, “I will leave you.” So to get back, they act badly in advance. They have to know that, the wife can’t leave because marriage is sacred. It is because one has to change and be prudent in all ways.

2. Reason in thought: Observe order for you to live in a clean place, at least your dignity is being clean inside and out.

“Don’t be messy in the house. You are like prostitutes.”

Big boys and big girls don’t want to be told. They think they know everything. Order and cleanliness is being free from sickness. The body should be cherished until death. It is God’s gift to us humans. At least, your own small home is your castle. The fruit of a dignified work is a clean home (you don’t have to be rich).

3. Reason in thought: You have to be thankful of life, you have to live happily everyday; be strong!

“Don’t fret over spilled milk and broken dreams. Are you a loser? You have to prove something!”

Often, we become disappointed and become overly sensitive. Understand that those who really care for you and love you want you to succeed. Even if they scold you, they just want you to realize how to do it better. Some people will create challenges for you, but this will bring out the best in you.

4. Reason in thought: Know that you can live independently. If you love your family and friends, you will not burden them and/or give them shame. You must understand we have to help each other, but in the end, it is you and God (whether you like it or not).

“You have to try to do things on your own. Make things happen and act now. We will not always be there.”

When everyone gets busy you have to make things on your own. You have to do your share of helping others; but how can you do this if you cannot even help yourself? Remember that prayer is your weapon everyday, GOD is with you, don’t be afraid.

Carrying each other must be heavy. Enduring the hurts, are just reminders. If we could only think that being admonished is learning something, in the end, we will be proud because we all made it.



Your success is my happiness.

I hurt you because I love you.

/rosalinda flores martinez.ezine

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