Lord, Let Us Rise With You

February 23.  Morning Prayers

Lord, I worship you at dawn.


As I meet with your heart every morning, I am fresh in your eyes.

In all the years of my lamentations, you have never abandoned me.

Heart to heart, we talk.

You make my path.

You cleanse me of sins.

You make me your child.

The enemies taunt the orphans, the greedy steal from the people, let your justice come and punish to admonish the wrong.

Make your truth be seen in every battlefield.

Lord, let us rise with dawn in your grace.

My God, I worship you in all the movements of the earth.

I worship you in my brothers and sisters.

I worship you in the cold.  I worship you in the heat, in all the seasons of time.

Send me east.  Send me west.  Send me north.  Send me south.

Send me with You.

Send us all with You.

Send O Lord, holy apostles/workers into Your church.



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