Good Morning Prayers. Father GOD



I saw the workers and students early morning yesterday.  It was busy in the streets and light.  There was no traffic yet.  Traffic is bad for people.  Please protect the students and workers on their way and back home.  I can see my younger self on the streets and everyone who worked hard for family, community and service.  May all of us share in the bounty of God so studying, serving or retiring gives us joy, not regrets because love for work and serving others in every little way,  is already success awarded by, You, Father.


Send out holy angels to guide us all in thoughts, words and actions.  Let our prayers and the prayers of the Saints and the faithful departed guide our daily grind in this life.  Let us commit to charity and kindness.  Let us understand those we meet everyday – family, friends or strangers for we are one in You.  Dear Father God let us rejoice in the free earth you gave us and heal our lands, admonish the greedy and bless those with kind hearts.  Give us the power in Your Holy Spirit.  We also pray for Pope Francis and your holy apostles to fill our church.  And most of all, let Jesus live in our hearts forever.  Amen.


Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.  AS it was in the beginning, now and will be forever. Amen.  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust in You.







/rosevoc2. february 28, 2014



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