O Lord, You Are The Center of My Life

Prayer prompts are common and a gift of grace to all.

In more human terms, it is like writing a journal. Research and studies can support these attempts, but immersion in the topic is best. It’s like how to learn a second language or how to complete a project.

It is how you would pray spontaneously, reflect upon a point in scenes of life, or talk to someone very close, among others. Moreover, it is where your heart rests.

In my small experiences with prayers which by God’s grace I have learned by time and how I have lived imperfectly, it became the center of my being. The shortness of knowledge in the field made me focus in just one book, “The Holy Bible.”

I was short of means and I didn’t understand some texts, as usual. But then, I just read those that I understood. Here, I felt very happy with the little progress everyday.

The holy rosary and the Our Father became patterns in my thoughts. I did not know a lot, so at least I have to memorize one or two from the sample prayers of the church. And because I grew up Catholic, I was familiar with organized rituals.

The Book of Psalms (music of the lyre) from the Holy Bible has 150 songs and prayers. It is the longest book in the bible.

While reading the Psalms, I thought I was talking to God like a real father to protect us all. My fears as a child brought me to pray all the time. My goals as an adult brought me to hope in God. And since man has his own imperfection, I always tried to depend on someone strongest enough to rock the earth and merciful enough to bear all.

A prayer is very different even how simple. Anyone can try. All can pray. Prayers make no divisions. It unites. It brings peace. It is everything out of love.

All saints and angels help in various ways. For me, among others, St. Hannibal and St. Therese intercede that I would become zealous and value the greatness of small things.

For everyone, the Holy Spirit is the perfect teacher to get done with the prayer prompts.

Here’s my example:

So be it unto me.
O Lord, you are the center of my life.
Bless us all, strong in strife.
Give us zeal and guts all day.
In you we trust our acts, we pray.

Check this prayer by Cardinal Mercier.

O Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, I adore you. Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me.

Tell me what I should do. Give me your orders. I promise to submit myself to all that you desire of me and to accept all that permit to happen to me. Let me know your will.

/rosevoc.march 2015

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