The Secret Of A Thankful Heart

The secret of a thankful heart is humility.

No other word is a substitute for a “Thank you,” but knees down and heads down.

A genuine thank you shares light to those around. Received or not received, it opens quietly to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. It spreads charity, no matter who the Great Good God must be. It spreads joy in the crushing moments. It inspires life with meaning, that bullet of strength, wisdom, grace, and small miracles abounding.

The secret of a thankful heart is love beyond mortal hearts.

There are times words couldn’t be uttered, but acts of kindness show. Acts of kindness are unsolicitous. They are gifts from heaven that radiate to humanity. No matter how big or small everyone benefits from it in all ages of time. Some people may not know it, but in this way it becomes proven that no man is voluntarily bad. Kindness is a stable factor of progress and happiness in the world. Though there is unfairness of things, if kindness is shown, deep inside the heart is delight each passing day.

A Forgiving Heart

A forgiving heart pardons seventy times seven. Also, a forgiving heart forgives the self. Faith in God’s love, mercy, and grace lead to a transformation of a better life everyday. It paves a way to a road meeting goals in life face to face. There is enough and various work for all including birds, cheetah, those who till the soil, those who reap, and those who plant.

A Heart of Prayer

This comes when one wants a halo on the head, not because of oddness, but because it is just like a child gripping and never letting go of the Father of all. One admits the limits of humanity, yet believes in God’s omnipotence. Hence, one whispers a prayer to change the world in little ways and asks for the realization of everyone’s dreams. Hands holding each other and hearts singing together in prayer make a strong temple of embrace, that makes people happy. This unites the wishes of God’s kingdom be a reality for all.

The secret of a thankful heart is hard work.

When there is work, there is a duty. A responsibility of sharing talents, not because it can be quantified in money, but because it is done out of thanks for all of life is true service. Any work in all aspects of life is necessary for the progress of each human endeavor. Work gains profit for everyone.

A Small Thank You Prayer

Let us count thy blessings, God.

For now and always, we thank you.

For now and always, we hug you.

For now and always, we would try.

For now and always, be close by.

O Sacred Heart, be nigh our hearts.

Thank you, dear God, thank you.


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