Ending the Day. The Examen – (PGH -ER)



I examine the day, so I may love and serve God more.

Presence – I put myself in the presence and majesty of God, creator of trillions of stars, the Lord of history, my creator, who humbles himself to be with me despite my smallness because he loves me.
Gratitude – I look back at the whole day, to see how God has been with me blessing me through people, events, opportunities, situations, both in joy and in pain.
Healing – I ask God to forgive me for how I have not responded lovingly to God and others.
I also forgive others who may have offended and hurt me throughout the day.
Entrust – I entrust to the love, power and wisdom of God all my worries and concerns, about my work, the people I love and those who need my prayers.
Resolve – I recommit myself to God as the center and purpose of my life: that I am created to know, love, adore, serve and proclaim God (KLASP). I make one resolution about how I can love, serve and glorify God more.

/posted by rosevoc. 9.26.15
Prayer from the apostleship of prayer
photo from the internet


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