Prayers to St. Michael and the Archangels

From Aklatang Lunas, 1942 Rizal Avenue

Prayers to St. Michael and the Archangels

1. St. Michael

Chief of All Angels, Head Minister of God

(Guardian for Sunday)


O glorious Michael Archangel, Prince of the angels and chief of the army of heavenly ministers of God, by your dignity and power you triumphed over the prince of pride and ruler of hell, Lucifer. We beg of you St. Michael, the help of God that we may reach the kingdom of God our Father.

Despise not our petitions and pray for us that we may die in the great love of God through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our salvation. Amen.

2. St. Gabriel

With Pennant and Pen, Chief Custodian of Divine Mysteries

(Guardian for Monday)


O blessed Archangel Gabriel, special messenger and representative of the Creator of the universe, may you be the symbol of the weapon to overcome temptations of the flesh. Come to our assistance so we may triumph over the enemies of our soul.

Pray that we may bear with patience and joy the sufferings of this earthly life which will lead to everlasting kingdom of heaven. Amen.

3. St. Raphael

Caretaker of God’s House, Bearing Bread and Fish

(Guardian for Tuesday)


O beloved Archangel Raphael, the remedy of God for the welfare of men, we ask you most humbly that you assist and heal all our ailments, especially the ills of the souls.

Grant by your intercession, we may obtain the grace that will make us enjoy everlasting happiness in heaven. Amen.

4. St. Uriel

Represents Justice, Bearing Sword and Scale

(Guardian for Wednesday)


O great, Archangel Uriel, we acknowledge that you are a source of light, so we ask that you pray for us that we may be guided along the path of righteousness. Come to our assistance and pour the light of wisdom in our souls.

We humbly beseech you to continue shedding light in our minds so that we may walk along the road to sanctity and reach the portals of heaven. Amen.

5. St. Seatiel

Offerer of Our Prayers to God, With a Censer

(Guardian for Thursday)


O admirable Archangel Seatiel, you are overflowing with love for God to whom you help us offer our prayers. Help us overcome the forces that block our ways to god.

We ardently ask you interceded for us so that we may give up everything that displeases the Lord, with the hope that we will be worthy of all the graces that will lead us to heaven. Amen.

6. St. Judiel

Bearer of Gifts to God, Holding a Bunch of Flowers

(Guardian for Friday)


O wonderful Archangel Judiel, you are the proclaimer of the greatness and glory of God. We humbly pray that you help us to give glory to the Lord, and proclaim His goodness by our good works.

Grant that we may be counted among those who are deserving of God’s blessings and mercy so that we may praise him in heaven without end. Amen.

7. St. Baraquiel

Comforter of the People, Bearing a Child With Care

(Guardian for Saturday)


O blessed Archangel Baraquiel, you have been filled with the grace of God so that all creations acknowledge you to be God’s heavenly gift to mankind.

We pray to you that we may also deserve to receive the blessing of the Lord, that will take us to his bosom in heaven. Amen.

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