Prayer to St. Therese


L. O wonderful Little Flower of Jesus,

A. Who hast been exalted by God and art now in the enjoyment of eternal bliss, look down on me, thy little client, imploring thy help on this vale of tears. Thou hast promised to spend thy heaven doing good upon earth. The countless answers in all parts of the world to prayers addressed to thee fill my heart with an untold confidence in thy powerful intercession. Thou hast help thousands, Thou will help also me in my present need. But above all, obtain for me the greatest of all graces to love my God with my whole heart and never to be separated from Him by mortal sin, to that I may have the happiness of dying in the friendship of my Creator, and under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and thine own. Amen.


God our Father, we give you thanks for the gifts you granted to your priest, Joseph Aveni, configuring him to Jesus, the Master who is gentle and humble of heart. With trusting humility he found in your merciful love the joy of his life, the zeal for the salvation of soul, and the light for his service of spiritual guidance. He loved You in his neighbor and his neighbor in You, and dedicated his life to obtain holy workers particularly to the Asian continent.
Glorify, O Father, this zealous priest, for the praise of your Name so that he may be for the Church an effective sign of your Kingdom.
Through his intercession, grant light to the young people, health to the sick who turn to Him, and to us, grant the grace we long for… ( mention your personal intention), so that we may also find joy in fulfilling Your Will, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Nihil Obstat: Rev. Fr. Genaro O Diwa
Censor & Commissioner, Comission on Liturgy
Imprimatur: Luis Antonio G. Tagle, D.D.
Archbishop of Manila
Date: July 13, 2012

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Prayer To Jesus


L. With firm and confident faith, I believe, O Jesus, that Thou has the words of eternal life.
A. I have received thy Sacred Body.
L. Thou art truly present in my soul, my Lord and my God.
A Thou art truly united with me.
L. Oh, how can I sufficiently adore Thee!
A. Thou art my Lord and my God; I am Thy unworthy creature.
L. Thou, my Father, my Savior, hast taken pity on me.
A. Thou lovest me; it is Thy delight to be with me.
L. How can I, my Jesus, thank Thee for this grace!
A. Magnify the Lord, my soul, for He hath done wonderful things to thee.
L. Dear, merciful Jesus, vouch safe to look kindly upon my poor gratitude.
A. I thank Thee O Jesus.
L. All ye holy angels and saints of God, give thanks for me.
A. Praise and magnify the Lord for all eternity.
L. Merciful Jesus, Thou hast given me today the greatest gift that Thou couldst give, Thyself.
A. Thou art in me, most intimately united with me, to abide eternally in me and with me.

L. What can I give Thee for all Thou hast given me; what can I give in return for Thyself?
A. Myself is all I possess; accept me; I give and offer Thee myself and whatever I am and have. Thine I am, O Jesus.
L. No sinful pleasure, no earthly possession shall ever separate me from Thee.
A. Thine I am, O Jesus.
L. Thee will I love, in Thee will I trust. Thee will I follow.
A. Thine I am, O Jesus.
L. Thine I am in life, Thine I wish to be in death.
A. For Thee I live, for Thee I die, O Jesus.
L. May my prayers be graciously heard today, since Thou has come to give me Thy grace and salvation.
A. Hear, sweet Jesus, my petitions, for without Thee I am nothing and can do nothing.
L. Abide in me with thy all-powerful grace, that I may faithfully perform what I have promised today.
A. Support me in weakness, nourish and strengthen my faith in Thee.
L. Strengthen my confidence in thy promises and my love for thee.
A. Graciously hear and bless me, O Jesus.
L. Grant and preserve in me a pure and spotless heart; be thou dearer to me than sinful pleasure or all of the good of this world, that I may bear anything, lose everything, even life itself, rather than lose Thee and Thy grace.
A. Graciously hear and bless me, O Jesus.
L. Never permit me to approach Thy holy table unworthily, nor to eat Thy flesh nor drink Thy Blood unto judgment and condemnation. Let this communion ever be to me a powerful and constant memorial of Thee, that I may never forget Thy love, but love Thee from my whole heart and above all things.
A. Graciously hear and bless me, O Jesus.

L. May Thy blessing rest on my parents, teachers, relatives, benefactors, friends, and companions; to Thee are known their anxieties, needs and wants.
A. O Jesus, bless them.
L. Pardon all, aid all, especially those that are in great need of Thy aid, living or dead. Lord, hasten to their assistance.
A. Jesus, bless them. Amen.

(after Holy Communion)
From A Treasury of Catholic Hymns and Prayers 1966
Imprimi Potest.
Rev. Herman Kondring, SVD (1951)
Nihil Obstat.
Rev. Ed. Buerenkemper, SVD
Mpns. Jose N. Jovellanos. Vic. Gen.

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St. Stephen

IMG_20170629_135059PRAYER TO ST. STEPHEN

O Glorious St. Stephen, first of the martyrs, for the sake of Christ you gave up your life in testimony of the truth of His divine teaching. Obtain for us, dear St. Stephen, the faith, the hope, the love and the courage of martyrs.
When we are tempted to shirk our duty, or deny our faith, come to our assistance as a shining example of the courage of martyrs, and win for us a love like your own.
We ask it of you for the honor of Jesus Christ, our Lord, who is the model and reward of all martyrs. Amen.

/Alex Clemente, RCJ